Frequently Asked Questions

Being designers we are passionate about design. We believe that the design phase is one of the most important parts of a project as good design enriches your life and increases your property’s value and profitability. There are many elements to good design such as; aesthetics, function, relationship of spaces, aspect and many more – all of which are considered and incorporated in the design. We have helped many people transform their homes for the better and we pride ourselves on producing creative designs that make the best possible use of space, incorporate individuality and above all meet your needs and wants. Conversely, failure to invest in good design can lead to disappointment, wasted space and wasted money; without a well-planned design phase a project can quickly run over budget. As the old adage states, if you fail to plan, plan to fail.

To talk to our expert and experienced designer Yani about possible design options for your project, call 3266 7243.

A great question and one we’re often asked. In short, both professions are employed to design buildings and are trained in design and construction methods. Whereas architects focus mainly on design, building designers focus, not only on design, but on the construction method as well. This means building designers are well placed to not only provide fantastic designs, but to know how it will translate when constructed. Our training in how a structure is constructed enables us to create designs that we know will work, which can save thousands over the course of a project. Building designers and architects are similar in that both professions require licensing to practice. YKDesgins are proud members of the Building Designers Association of Qld (BDAQ). Membership requires proof of competency and gives our clients confidence in our abilities. Our reputation for excellence and integrity is reflected in the testimonials from our clients. With that said, the most important consideration when choosing a designer is how you feel about them. It’s important you choose a designer you feel comfortable with as you’ll be working very closely with them for a number of weeks.

As building designers our design training is one with a knowledge and understanding of construction methods. This enables us to create unique designs with build-ability and cost in mind. We will provide you with professional advice and inspiring designs to reach the best possible outcome for your project.  We enjoy working closely with clients who want a hands-on approach to their design project.  Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised when we present them with a unique design that encompasses all their ‘wish list’ features plus more they hadn’t considered. Our dedicated team will ensure your experience with us is enjoyable and straightforward. You can read more about the benefits of employing a building designer on the Qld Building Designers Association website here.

Another great question and one to which we have a simple answer: When creating a design, we have the overall project budget in mind, not just the design phase. We have programs designed to provide accurate construction cost estimates and we work closely with builders from early in the design phase to guarantee the final design is within your nominated budget. We have heard too many stories of people being thousands of dollars out of pocket with a design and plans they can’t afford to build. We guarantee you will never have that experience with YKDesigns.

Our customers frequently present us with a sketch of their own. This is a great start and we can provide a straightforward drafting service. Alternatively we are happy to work with you to refine your sketch and include additional design features. To find the best package for you, go to our Services page. In the event a design has been provided by another designer or builder, some modification may be required to avoid copyright infringement, however exceptions can apply.

Much of this depends on your project and the level of service you want us to provide. We provide three varying levels of service. As all renovation and extension projects are different, rather than arbitrarily nominating a figure, we adopt a case-by case approach to pricing, based on our initial consultation. New builds tend to be a little more straightforward when it comes to quoting. Either way we would be pleased to give you an approximate costing over the phone. The process only takes about five minutes and you’ll be speaking with a qualified designer. There are no obligations and we provide this service free of charge. Call us on 3266 7243 for an approximate cost on your project.

Great, we look forward to the possibility of working with you! Just follow the simple steps on the Process page.